365bet体育 Announces $30 Million Initiative to Expand Access for Underrepresented Students



After an extremely selective process, 365bet体育 has been named as a partner college in the 舒勒访问倡议. The initiative is a multimillion-dollar investment to increase enrollment of students with limited financial resources (Pell-eligible) and students with undocumented status who are ineligible for federal student aid at top liberal arts colleges in the US.

Through a 10-year matching gift challenge to inspire gifts from the 斯克里普斯的社区, Schuler Education Foundation will fund a grant of up to $15 million in financial aid. A total of $30 million will power new scholarships to increase enrollment of these high-achieving students.

“Inclusive student success is a core value at Scripps and is woven into our strategic aspirations for the future. A student body with a wider array of perspectives and backgrounds will elevate academic excellence and produce resilient graduates prepared to serve as leaders in a diverse world,365bet体育院长苏珊娜·基恩说. “We’re deeply grateful to the Schuler Education Foundation for helping small liberal arts institutions like 365bet体育 advance access in such a powerful way.”

Scripps is the only West Coast partner and sole member of 克莱蒙特学院 to have been selected for the grant. The College joins just nine other institutions since the initiative launched: Barnard College, 贝茨学院, 卡尔顿大学, 中心大学, 圣十字学院, 凯尼恩学院, 三一学院, 塔夫斯大学, 和联合学院.

“We are thrilled to partner with top colleges that have shown their desire to broaden their support for these students by meeting 100 percent of need for all 4 years and have proven that they have great graduation rates for all students,Tanya Schuler Sharman说, 她和父亲共同创立了舒勒教育基金会, 杰克·舒勒. “舒勒准入倡议将允许所有10所大学, 希望还有更多, to open up more seats for these deserving students and push forward the important conversation liberal arts institutions need to have to close the divide in an unequal society.”


Federal Pell grants are reserved for students and families in the US with the most pressing financial need. While students with undocumented or Dreamer status (a term for undocumented individuals who were brought to and educated in the US as children) often share this need, 他们没有资格获得佩尔助学金.

Historically, both groups have had minimal representation at private liberal arts institutions. 斯克里普斯也不例外.

“每年, 365bet体育’s 入学 Committee makes the agonizing decision to deny access to students with extraordinary academic records, 课外学习的成就, 和领导潜力仅仅是因为365bet体育平台无法满足他们的经济需求,负责招生的副校长维多利亚·罗梅罗说. “这项倡议将使365bet体育平台能够说 是的 to more of these outstanding applicants who will strengthen our intellectual community and propel our educational mission.”

These underrepresented student groups make up approximately 11 percent of Scripps’ student body. 在过去的五年里,他们有四年的毕业率达到了92% - 95%, 一直超过整体大学毕业率. Their contributions as participants and leaders in Scripps’ close-knit residential community have influenced Scripps’ culture for the better.

“A student body with a wider array of perspectives and backgrounds will elevate academic excellence and produce resilient graduates prepared to serve as leaders in a diverse world”

作为一个有需求意识的机构, 365bet体育 rejects admission practices that subjects students to unmanageable student loan debt and lower graduation rates. 履行承诺,让每个学生都能完全沉浸在斯克里普斯的生活中, 学院100%满足被录取学生的经济需求.

This promise typically manifests as substantial financial aid packages with few or zero loans, limiting the number of students who are Pell-eligible and undocumented Scripps can admit and enroll. 由于无障碍倡议,这种情况很快就会改变.

“主动的礼物, 包括斯克里普斯的捐赠基金, will help us grow the number of students in these groups by 13 percent over the lifetime of the grant,罗梅罗说. “We plan to sustain that increase by 7 percent or greater to strengthen our investment in the vibrancy of the College’s student body.”


作为一所女子学院, Scripps is also distinctive in its proven ability to break systemic barriers to education for underrepresented students. Through the years, the College’s community has helped ease some of these barriers by championing 持续的多元化、公平、包容和以正义为中心的举措. 奖学金, 实习津贴, 奖学金, and crucial student support programming have flourished thanks to donors who share Scripps’ vision of extending an exceptional educational experience to all deserving students.

This continued involvement from the 斯克里普斯的社区 will be key to cementing the initiative’s success.

While Scripps will actively accept gifts once the 10-year grant period officially begins in the near future, 捐助者可以在此期间对该倡议作出承诺. 无论是通过礼物还是传播努力的意识, 总统 Keen says she encourages all members of the community to consider how they can help.

“在我加入学院的短暂时间里, 我已经见证了校友们的慷慨, 父母, 和朋友. They look after one another and earnestly believe in the value of the Scripps experience,” she says. “This rare matching grant is our chance to not only guarantee that underrepresented students can likewise discover all Scripps has to offer, 而且在未来的岁月里丰富365bet体育平台整个社区.”

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